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Contact Between Fortheloveofphotos and client
This contract is draft up on the _________ day of the ________,(YEAR)
between ___________BRIDE and ____________ GROOM and FORTHELOVEOFPHOTOS(FTLOP), candacejones, photography.
The parties agree to the following.
A $200.00 NON-REFUNDABLE retainer fee is due and payable once the parties have agreed about the booking.  
The rest of the money for the wedding photography is due and payable 15 days prior to the event, or on the  the day of the event. fortheloveofphotos takes cash, checks and credit cards.  
total amount agreed upon for services rendered:$_____________
deposit$______________________ Date___________________________
Number of hours__________
Hours of shooting______________
Date of event_________________________
Additional fee if overage of hours_________________________________
 A sneak peak will be made available to the brides/families (5)days for fun only. Large images will be uploaded within 10 days to pixie set and mailed to the bride and grooms place of residence.  Note: these are unedited images for viewing only.  
After the images have been mailed and the brides have begun the choosing of their picked photos a MAXIMUM of 100 photos will be fully edited per wedding.  This included, teeth, hair, slimming, etc. The full editing takes up to 4-6 full weeks, and includes a photo show/movie and photo book that will be ordered and sent directly to your home.  I must have your mailing  address for this.
Effective 1.1.2019 a fee for bad weather will be charged.  This includes, but not limited too, rain, hail, wind, snow.  
A fee of $200.00 will be implemented if travel over Highway 80/50 during bad weather is required.  ___________ initial
After all the edits are done, unlimited downloads may be done as the photos belong to you- you may share them, Dropbox them, Facebook them, snap chat them, to anyone you want.  
I release printing rights to these photos, this contract is a copy of that.
Please note that the original images remain the property of fortheloveofphotos and MAY be used on social media sites, for marketing purposes, etc.   
I ask that you please give credit to fortheloveofphotos when sharing your images on social media.  
No altering of images is allowed unless it is for printing purposes ONLY.
COVID 2020-2022
Due to the pandemic that we all experienced in 2020, all weddings, events will have the option for a full refund, or keep the retainer for use of a later date.  I fully understand that this is through no fault of your own.  Venues close, cancel etc.
Both parties will get a copy of the contact for their files.


Thank you
Candace Jones, owner, FORTHELOVEOFPHOTOS
Privacy Policy 
Client and photographer- Candace Jones agree that use for marketing is allowed on business webpage and Facebook business page.  Client understands that images may be printed by any lab of their choice.  Please credit photographer is using photograpy on social site.  Photographer will host images for a period of THREE (3) years




Terms of Use
fortheloveofphotos- Candace Jones, Photographer owns the rights to these images.  Clients will get JPGE images in large format, NO release of RAW images will be provided.  Photographer agrees to host( store) the files for a period of 10 ( ten) years post event.
Client will give credit to the photographer- fortheloveofphotos when posting on social media in lew of a print release.  Images are not be altered in any way.  FTLOP owns the rights to the photos
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