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All other Events ( business events, birthdays, celebrations of Life)

Save the dates, engagements, birthday parties, corporate events, babies, family sittings, senior portraits, Quince's, Engagement parties etc.


When I am shooting any of the above types of events- although not as detailed as a wedding -they are still special and important  I love LOVE and all that comes with it.  So shooting your save the date, your babies birthday party, your glowing belly, your engagement photos, your company's event. Capturing a photo is about preserving the memory and having a lasting memento to remember.

These shoots are all on location- I will travel to you(200 miles).  They include up to 100 shots and 50 edits and a release of the JPGE  mages for you to share with friends and family or your company.  



These shoots start at $250.00 for a local simple shoot and go to $1,000.00 for up to 4 hours of shooting time and edits as agreed upon in our contract. Each package is unique- like you Contact me so we can see what the vision is and go over details.

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