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 Lets start with weddings; it Is not an easy task, your wedding photos are lifetime of memories, that you will look at forever, and this is NOT a place that you want to look to go CHEAP!  


 Weddings are a social celebration, of a very sacred commitment.  I feel very honored to participate in every wedding I shoot and I treat both the day and the people involved with the highest level of respect.  Most of all weddings are a day filled with laughter, beauty and magic that appears effortlessly.  I believe that my job is to capture that magic in the most authentic way- unobtrusively, honestly and joyfully.  


I consider myself a professional photographer with hundreds of weddings under my belt- yet still get butterflies every time I pull into a venue the day of a shoot.  I will stop shooting the day the butterflies go away.  I use the best equipment available, two cameras at minimum, multiple lens's and shoot in both black and white and color.  An amazing professor in a photography class once told me that when you shoot in color you photograph peoples clothing- in black and white- you shoot their souls, each bride and groom have a different vision, so I do both.


I am always well versed in the latest of trends, and bride preferences, my approach is artsy and contemporary and always in the best of taste, however I will always do whatever the bride and groom are looking for.  I love when they think out of the box! I strive for timeless elegance and fresh style.


My style is journalistic style photography, I limit the number of staged and posed photographs and instead try to highlight the laughter, tears and passion that you and your guests will be feeling without the my heavy involvement.  I also understand that each couple is very unique in their style, personality and strive to produce images that reflect their individuality,  The era of wedding sign in books and albums is over, and I understand the clients needs for classic products that exceed their expectations.  I feel I represent the fun, laughter and joy that is possible with

wedding photography



An average wedding consists of approximately 8-10 hours of shooting, on the day of the event.  

Your wedding package includes the following; save the dates and or engagement shots, full day wedding shots

( bride prep, first look, ceremony and full reception.  Weddings range from $1000.00-$4200.00 based on size, location and work involved.  A full release of large images is given to the bride and groom, this also includes a photo book and slide show. Please contact me for smaller, elopements and other packages

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